Scottish Independence

The way forward has become much clearer.We now know that it has come down to a direct contest between the SNP and the Tories; independence versus the union; Scottish versus British.

The toxic tories have gathered up the unionist faction from the bones of the dying Labour Party, Scottish branch. They have also harnessed the orange order, Scottish Defence League, UKIP and all other assorted extreme right wing bandits and assorted hornswogglers. This now gives us a very clear indication of our enemy. The enemies of the people of Scotland. They have amassed about 25% of the vote at the council elections and that is probably a reasonable indication of their peak expectation.

We have now got to get them very clearly in our sights.

We have to make the General Election very firmly about independence because our enemy will certainly try to demonstrate a case for staying in the union.

The SNP must put independence front and centre.

The gloves must come off. We have got to fight hard because our enemy will fight hard and employ every dirty trick in the book.

We are fighting for the future of our country and for the welfare of the Scottish people. We owe it to our children and to their children.

Failure is not an option as the consequences will be dire.

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