Out of adversity often springs opportunity.
This Covid-19 episode is certainly an extremely adverse situation.
Contrary to the opinion of some commentators that this situation will have a negative impact on the claim for independence, the converse is true.
We find ourself presented with a wonderful opportunity to establish the fact that we as a nation act, think and feel differently from the UK. We have the opportunity to demonstrate as a people, our strongly held belief in equality, diversity and inclusivity along with our compassion for our fellow Scots from all walks of life. We have the opportunity to behave like an independent nation and deal with the current situation with understanding and compassion for our people, in stark contrast to the cruel, uncaring measures being proposed by that evil, bullying, obnoxious tyrant, Boris Johnston.
However, in order to fully grasp this opportunity much bolder measures have to be taken by the Scottish Government than have hitherto been put in place.
Nicola Sturgeon has argued that “all possible steps are being taken against Coronavirus”. That is patently not true. Until the same measures are in place as have been adopted by other countries such as Italy, Spain, New Zealand and many, many more, then that argument does not hold water.
The only significant measure that has been taken is to ban gatherings of more than 500 people which is a purely arbitrary number with no real significance.
Nicola Sturgeon has to take a bold stand on behalf of the welfare of the people of Scotland. She must be prepared to defy Westminster for the sake of saving Scottish lives.
If this virus is a serious as has been suggested by numerous countries globally then Scotland has to be put on lockdown immediately and to do that the following measures should be taken:-
• All schools to be closed.
• All who can to be encouraged to work from home.
• Only shops selling foods and other necessities to remain open.
• No unnecessary travel.
• A statement to be issued discouraging any cross border travel.
• All SNP MPs to immediately return to Scotland and assist with the governance of this crisis.
• If extreme measures are required they should be taken, regardless of the protest from Westminster.
• The Scottish Government do not have the power to put in place border controls but they have the power to close all roads crossing the border.
• The Scottish Government do not have the power to stop flights in and out of Scotland but they can close all roads around airports.

The foregoing would not make Nicola Sturgeon very popular with politicians and journalists down south but it would gain her a lot of support in Scotland through looking after the needs and the health of the Scottish people and hopefully saving many Scottish lives in the process.
At the end of this process we would also find ourselves much closer to being an independent nation.



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