Scotland and the Slave Trade

I want to see racism eradicated but if we are going to rewrite the history of Scotland then we must rewrite it all, not just selected passages.
We have to make people aware of the atrocities perpetrated against the Scottish people for centuries going back to medieval times when many Scots were actually taken as slaves by wealthy landowners.
After Cromwell’s destruction of large parts of Scotland, many Scots were taken and sold as slaves.
After the act of union, the Highland Clearances was an act of genocide against the Scottish people and resulted in vast numbers of Scots being sold into slavery in the US, the Caribbean and also to Australia.
I disagree that the slave trade should be considered Scotland’s shame.
The ordinary people neither took part in nor benefited from slavery. As previously mentioned, many of them were taken into slavery themselves.
Those who were in employment in shipyards, mines, on farms etc were treated as slaves and certainly did not share in any of the wealth being brought to Glasgow and other cities as a result of slavery.
The people in Scotland who made fortunes out of slavery were the same type of people who sold Scotland into the union with England for their own benefit. They are also the same type of people who today deny the Scottish people their freedom and right to a better standard of living, merely for their own aggrandisement.
These Brits and their ilk throughout history are the ones who should be vilified.
Notwithstanding, I do believe that all Scots should stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters from all races and ethnic backgrounds and proclaim to the world that we will not accept racism in any shape or form and we will not accept state bullying in any shape or form.
An independent Scotland must set an example to the rest of the world.

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