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Organisation of the Yes Movement

It is quite incredible how quickly ideas start to trend on social media and then really take off.

I am referring of course to the ever increasing demand to maximise the independence vote at the 2021 Scottish election by voting for an independence list party to augment the haul of constituency seats anticipated for the SNP.

I have been posting blogs on this subject for many months now.

I have received quite a lot of comments a number of positive responses.

A number of blogs and posts are now appearing along similar lines, with many very similar ideas.

However, my blogs have not reached out to as many people as I would have liked.

I must make it clear right now that I do not write these blogs through any sense of self-importance.

I seek no kudos.

I do not seek praise for “a well written article”.

It is the message that is important.

All I ask is that you read it and offer me criticism where warranted and offer suggestions as to how the ideas can be improved upon.

I want to engage with people, encourage discussion and illicit ideas as to how to improve on the proposal and receive cooperation with converting ideas into action.

I have known Pat Lee for some time now. He is a passionate and committed supporter of independence. He has been working tirelessly to initiate and develop the Alliance Party with the aim of fielding candidates for list seats.

Collette Walker has stared up the ISP with the same aim. They seem to be picking up support.

Perhaps several more pro-independence groups may want to field list candidates.

My belief is that we need to start from the top and work down.

There needs to be a democratically elected leadership group to give guidance and direction to all parties, factions and sectors within the entire Yes movement.

This would involve every group right across the entire spectrum of the Yes movement putting forward delegates to elect a committee who would then elect a leader and a leadership team. It goes without saying that this should involve the SNP and the Green Party.

It is my opinion that the SNP don’t speak for the entire Yes movement. I think that there should be a formalised organisation of the Yes movement (which would include the SNP).

I am not for a minute suggesting that the Yes movement could dictate to or even speak for the elected Scottish Government. However, they should be able to apply pressure to the SNP with regard to strategy.

This Yes movement committee could also develop the strategy for harnessing all groups and organising an Indy list party.

This will only work if it is all inclusive and encompasses all factions of the Indy movement.

The strategy can be developed in such a way that, with full cooperation from all groups, decisions can be taken as to the party with the best chance of winning list seats in each region. For example, as things transpired in the last Scottish Election, the SNP picked up list seats in South of Scotland. Accordingly, the SNP, the Greens, Alliance and ISP can be allocated the regions, in which they have the best chance of winning seats. This would require full agreement and cooperation from all parties and would ensure maximisation of the number of Indy party list seats.

There must be only one list party on the ballot for each region.

Many people are becoming critical of the SNP, particularly with their insistence that a section 30 agreement is the only way to achieve independence but also for their general reticence to show any urgency about responding to the demands of the Scottish people for independence.

If the SNP are to be believed that they are genuine about their desire for independence then they must cease the disingenuous rhetoric of SNP 1 & 2 and cooperate fully with the rest of the Yes movement.

I readily acknowledge that the SNP are the largest single group in the movement with over 100,000 members. However, I would argue that there are at least another 100,000 activists in the wider Yes movement. Many of these people have lent their votes to the SNP in the interest of fighting for independence. Notwithstanding, there are many in the wider movement who, although passionate about independence, would never support the SNP.

This is not about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. It is not about Patrick Harvie and the Green Party. It is not about Tommy Sheridan and Solidarity. It is not about Colin Fox and the SSP etc, etc. It is not even about Alex Salmond. It is about every person, every single one of us across the entire Yes movement who puts our heart and soul into achieving the ever increasingly tangible goal of independence for Scotland. Every one of us who is totally committed and prepared to do what ever we can and what ever we have to in order to free Scotland from the chains of oppression binding us to the UK.

Furthermore, an organised Yes movement would in many respects benefit the SNP

The SNP would be left to concentrate on their duties as the Scottish Government without interference from the Yes committee.

The First Minister and the Scottish Government could not be criticised for neglecting the “day job” and pursuing independence. That would lie with the Yes movement.

Any internal disputes within the SNP would then be seen as a party matter for them to resolve and would not reflect on the Yes movement.


 The entire Yes Movement to be led by a committee democratically elected by every Yes group.

 The committee would elect a leader who would be the chief spokesperson for Yes.

 This committee would be responsible for developing the strategy to take us to independence by the fastest, most direct route.

 The committee would coordinate and work with all groups.

 If the developed strategy involved utilising the Scottish Election as a route to independence, then discussions should be held with all parties to decide if and where individual parties should field candidates to maximise the number of independence MSPs.

I realise that there may be flaws in some of the above but that is why we must have meaningful dialogue to iron out the flaws.

One thing is certain is that we are running out of time for dialogue.

We need to be entering the “action” phase.

Boris Johnson and his cohorts in the british establishment will not be hanging around talking.

They will very rapidly be putting their plans in place to dismantle the Scottish Parliament and to fully assimilate Scotland as a region of the U.K.

There must be a change in our approach to achieving independence and it must happen quickly.

2 thoughts on “Organisation of the Yes Movement

  1. Bill G

    Some good ideas here, but sounds like herding ferrets?
    Needs a non party political chairperson not affiliated to any group? Like Canon Kenyon Wright?
    Also needs a secretariat of a few folk to organise meetings and keep the lid on kettles.

    What about manifestos ? Are these to be rationalised or just must include statements on key Indy points
    Border issues
    Land Reform

    Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person


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