Need for Pragmatism

Let me state categorically that the Hate Crime Bill is an appalling piece of legislation.
It is ludicrous, divisive and inhibits freedom of speech.
This now puts in jeopardy an SNP election and consequently independence all in the name of promoting a woke agenda.
A casual observer might deduce that this has been part of their plan, an idea that is not entirely jejune, given all the other foot-shooting that has been going on within the hierarchy of the party.
Legislation can be changed but to do this we need to be in a position to force the hand of the Scottish Government.
However we will not do this by cutting of our noses to spite our faces and refusing to vote SNP.
Does anyone imagine that the policies introduced by a unionist coalition government would be any more palatable than this legislation – and what chance for independence then.
SNP 1 should be promoted. However we need to get organised and coordinate between all Yes groups and Indy parties to maximise the Indy list vote in all regions. We have to be pragmatic and anyone who genuinely wants Indy should cooperate.
The ideal situation would be for the SNP to have around 60 seats and pro-Indy parties to have 12 to 15 seats. The SNP will need the other Indy MSPs to keep them in power and they can hold the SNP to account and bring them down if they don’t deliver.
The only way we can achieve this is by representatives from all Indy Parties, pro Indy independent candidates and Yes groups to get round the table and agree which candidates would best serve the independence movement as list candidates in each region. If independence is truly the number one goal for everyone from the aforementioned groups then surely they can put any differences aside and fight under the one banner.
A potential outcome as mentioned above could give the Yes movement real power to force the SNP’s hand on pushing for independence and for amending bad legislation.

1 thought on “Need for Pragmatism

  1. charliekidd2015

    Entirely agree with your thesis. It has to be a priority to get other like minded groups around the table and agree a position where each group field candidates where they are most likely to succeed. We do not win by diluting our own vote, nor do we succeed by SNP 1&2.

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