Ludicrous Statement by Hannah Bardell

I honestly never thought I would agree with anything that Tory MSP Annie Wells said. However, I find myself in total agreement with her comment that Hannah Bardell’s proposal to subject all men to a curfew is “simplistic, divisive and misguided”. I would go further and state that it is a lunatic idea with no basis in reality.

Several points should be considered:

Firstly, we have aspirations to be an independent country and as such we should not be setting our standards by drawing comparisons with another country and our SNP MPs would do well to remember that. We have our own statistics and they should be referred to before instilling fear in women and vilifying men.

The following statistics are taken from the Scottish Government’s website relating to Homicide in Scotland 2019-2020: The number of homicide cases recorded by the police in Scotland in 2019-20 was 64. This remains one of the lowest number of recorded homicide cases for a single twelve month period since 1976. Of these 64 victims, 45 were men and 19 were women. Therefore, 4 women were murdered in open spaces.

66% of homicides occurred within a residential location, 20% in outdoor public places, and 13% in indoor public places. The most common set of circumstances associated with a female victim are a rage or fight with a partner or ex-partner in a dwelling.

Direct comparisons between Scotland and England & Wales should be treated with some caution due to uncertainty around different counting and classification conventions.

I am not trying to trivialise a tragic and very serious problem but knee-jerk reactions help no one.

Notwithstanding, women should not live in constant fear and must be given all the support and protection they need. Ludicrous proposals designed to cause division and create tension between men and women does not help in this regard.

Why did Hannah Bardell not check out the Scottish Government statistics?

Perhaps that didn’t tie in with her agenda.

One thing is for sure, independence doesn’t seem to figure too highly.

The Scottish people deserve better.

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