This must stop now

It is really getting out of hand. Nicola Sturgeon takes every opportunity to engage in innuendo and direct accusations to attack Alex Salmond. Her scurrilous and libellous comments constitute a clear defamation of his character. In so doing she is showing that she has scant regard for the Scottish Judicial System in that she continues to ignore the verdict of the Scottish Court as delivered by the judge and the jury that acquitted Alex Salmond.

Furthermore, she is casting doubt on the testimony of the (mainly female) defence witnesses. She expresses concern for the complainers whose malicious false testimony was exposed in court, yet she totally ignores the ordeal she is subjecting the defence witnesses to.

This is a disgraceful abuse of power by Nicola Sturgeon.

She is bringing the office of the First Minister of Scotland into disrepute.

If Humza Yousaf was in any manner a competent Justice Minister he would publicly censure her for her attacks on the court and jury system.
She must be censured.

Surely a court system which offers anonymity and protection via contempt of court to those complainers whose testimony was found to be unsound, must also offer protection to those who have been found innocent and those who have acted in good faith as witnesses.

The blatant hypocrisy was no more pronounced than when Joanna Cherry received a rape threat from an SNP member and Sturgeon remained silent on the matter.

It is worth remembering that since Alex Salmond was falsely accused back in 2019 till this day he has never criticised nor made any abusive remarks about Sturgeon or the SNP. This is in stark contrast to the disgusting smear campaign being waged against Alex Salmond by Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon has become increasingly bitter and vindictive and has displayed a nasty side to her character which is reflected throughout her followers.

She has allowed and even encouraged her hostility and anger towards Alex Salmond to spread unchecked within the SNP.

She has now turned her attention to launching attacks on Kenny MacAskill and Neil Hanvey, two honourable men. Kenny MacAskill is arguably the best Justice Minister in the history of the Scottish Parliament.

Nicola Sturgeon has put ego and gender politics before independence .

If Nicola Sturgeon and other SNP politicians had verbally attacked our enemies in the unionist parties with the same level of venom and vitriol that they now direct towards Alex Salmond and Alba Party members, their claims to want independence would be a bit more credible.

To those who would attempt to dismiss this article as an attack on Nicola Sturgeon, I would admonish them to read it again with an open mind. Then perhaps they will realise that my primary intent is to defend Alex Salmond, to defend his supporters in the Alba Party and to defend Scotland’s right to independence.

5 thoughts on “This must stop now

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  2. Robert McAllan

    Truth, morality, and ethics are concepts alien to Nicola Sturgeon as she has so ably demonstrated in her desperate bid to destroy reputations of those she perceives pose a threat to her personal ambitions.

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  3. lintonbairn

    Hi Iain, I have read your post a few times as you suggested. It’s an interesting read. The abiding impression is one of you being exceptionally angry with Nicola Sturgeon and, contrary to what Alex Salmond asked of us all, not concentrating on making the case for Indy.

    Can I ask, as an Alba supporter do you support it’s leader’s position that we should all vote SNP 1, Alba 2? Perhaps I’m missing something but it would appear that there is little chance that you would vote SNP if your constituency is/was Nicola Sturgeon’s.

    Genuinely curious and trying to understand.


    1. Iain Cameron Post author

      Thank you for your response. It is appreciated.
      However, I would draw your attention to the last paragraph:

      To those who would attempt to dismiss this article as an attack on Nicola Sturgeon, I would admonish them to read it again with an open mind. Then perhaps they will realise that my primary intent is to defend Alex Salmond, to defend his supporters in the Alba Party and to defend Scotland’s right to independence.

      I am indeed extremely angry with Nicola Sturgeon and have been for some time now due to her failure to prioritise independence and of course due to her vitriolic attacks on Alex Salmond and other Alba members. This vindictiveness has now spread through her followers in the SNP.
      Nevertheless, independence is and always has been my driver and is more important than any party. As such I advocate pragmatism and urge everyone to vote for every SNP constituency candidate and to vote for Alba in the regional lists.
      I was a member of the SNP for over 55 years until I left to join Alba. It has deeply saddened me to witness how the party that I have actively campaigned for over all these years has changed beyond all recognition.

      I would also refer you to some of my earlier blogs in which I have been calling for an organisation of the entire Yes Movement for over a year now, long before the advent of Alba.–mQdYI

      I would welcome any further comments.

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  4. lintonbairn

    Yip, Alba is like a breathe of fresh air which has been needed for a long, long time. The Indy movement is much bigger than one party. Having all our eggs in the one SNP basket was always likely to make the movement vulnerable. Alba should strengthen the movement for all.

    I just hope that if, as is likely, Nicola Sturgeon continues as FM after the election, we don’t having a continuing nasty and vindictive dynamic amongst our leaders and due that matter between our foot soldiers.

    That won’t serve us well in the lead in to the next referendum – we could still need/want to persuade a lot of people to vote yes.

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