A Plea to All Yes Supporters

On the eve of the Scottish Election, I would like to reach out to all my friends on social media, particularly those who have been committed to supporting the concept of “both votes SNP”.

I have been a member of the SNP for over 55 years and I have known many of you for a considerable time and some for a very long time.

We have chatted online together, we have marched together and we have campaigned for the SNP and Yes together. We did it with passion, with pride and with a firmly held conviction that we were fighting for independence for the benefit of our children, their children and for the people of Scotland.

Before going to vote tomorrow I would like you to do one thing:

Place your right hand on your heart and place your left hand on something of importance to you – the Bible, the Quran or even a photo of your child or grandchild and state the following:

“I solemnly swear, without evasion or equivocation, I believe implicitly and without reservation that over the last seven years Nicola Sturgeon has done everything humanly possible to gain independence for Scotland.

I further swear that I firmly believe Nicola Sturgeon when she says that the only possible way for Scotland to become independent is via a referendum held with a Section 30 order granted by the British Prime Minister.”

If you find yourself unable to do this or find yourself having a niggling doubt then I would ask you to consider this:

 The SNP is expected to win even more constituency seats than in 2016.

 This means that they will win no more than the four list seats they won in 2016.

 Therefore a vote for SNP in the list will gift seats to the unionist parties.

 SNP supporters’ list votes donated to Alba will ensure that more pro-Indy candidates are elected.

 Nicola Sturgeon will still be First Minister.

 This is not “gaming the system”. Tactical voting between the unionist parties is “gaming the system”. D’Hondt was set up to “game the system”.

 It was not considered “gaming the system” when the SNP won 56 out of 59 Scottish seats at Westminster in 2015, with three unionist parties only having one representative each.

Ask yourself this, would you rather gift seats to a unionist party or to Alba, a pro Independence Party?

Perhaps you could also consider that Alex Salmond is not the ogre that many are attempting to portray him as. I have known Alex Salmond for almost 40 years.He is not driven by his ego. He is driven by his passion for independence and always has been.

Many of you were proud to follow him as the First Minister, the SNP leader and the leader of the Yes movement. These were heady times when he took us to the brink of winning the referendum and also delivering more benefits for the people of Scotland than any other First Minister before or since.

Alex hasn’t changed. Have you?

In any case, however you decide to vote tomorrow, I would implore you to do it with passion, with pride in your country (as long as that country is Scotland and not Britain) but most importantly, vote in a way that when you return home you can look yourself in the mirror and know that you have voted for the best interests of your children, your grandchildren and for the best interests of the people of Scotland.

Saor Alba gu brath.

Constituency Vote – SNP, #ListVoteAlba, #AlbaRising

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