Wasted opportunity – an excellent blog by Barrhead Boy


It is early Friday morning. Not a single ballot box has been opened, however I feel confident enough to make this prediction. The SNP will be the largest party in Holyrood and by quite some distance. All that is now left to determine is the size of that victory. While Sturgeon and her devoted followers will never admit it, the arrival of the Alba Party has without doubt increased the SNP vote in the constituency. Over the past few weeks the Alba Campaign of #BothVotesYes has paid dividends for the SNP. Sadly Sturgeon’s New SNP were not as enthusiastic about reciprocating with their efforts. Indeed, due to the stupidity of Nicola and her obsessive nature, she has squandered yet another golden independence opportunity.

Her insistence on continuing to pursue her false and fabricated accusations about Alex Salmond meant she was also attacking the Alba Party and their members. The thing about Alba is that recently around 95% of the members were SNP members.They are to all intents in purpose allies of Sturgeon’s SNP. She though put her own prejudices once again in front of both the SNP and Independence. Even although the highest court in the land ruled that her government acted Unfairly, Unlawfully, and with Apparent Bias in their pursuit of Alex Salmond she has never accepted that or apologised for her governments huge failings against Salmond. Even after the High Court Trial with a female judge and a jury that included nine women who cleared Alex Salmond of all charges, Sturgeon never apologised. Nor has she ever accepted any of these verdicts.Nobody knows better than Nicola on anything it seems. That the First Minister of the country continues to question the decisions of the highest courts in the land is not only morally and ethically wrong it is political stupidity in the extreme.

We shall never know the true motives of Sturgeon who without doubt was behind this fit up of Alex Salmond. All roads lead to her and now that this election is over the truth will begin to emerge. The pending Court of Session case of Salmond v Evans will be captivating. This time Nicola Sturgeon’s tame Lord Advocate or the MI5 run Crown Office cannot redact, refuse or hide evidence. They cannot prevent witnesses from appearing nor will they get away with lying as they did at the Fabiani whitewash inquiry which although fake still had no alternative but to conclude Sturgeon had indeed misled Parliament and the committee. Misled to ordinary folk like you and me is lying.

The recurring theme though was that despite early on being told by her legal advisors she would in all probability lose the Judicial Review she continued on regardless. It was only at the last moment when left with the possibility of her lawyers walking away she reluctantly conceded the case and cost the tax payers northwards of £1,000,000 + in costs. She was also advised the case against Mr Salmond in a court of law was flimsy to say the least she once again continued on regardless of the likely outcome. When thwarted by a court injunction that she could not make the accusations against Alex Salmond public a copy of the report surprisingly fell into the hands of David Clegg then of the Uber Unionist Daily Record.

Is it just a coincidence that Clegg and Liz Lloyd, Nicola Sturgeon’s Chief of Staff had enjoyed a very friendly working holiday/jaunt to America not long before this breach occured? We are told that Liz and David became very close friends during this time. How he managed to get this report  though remains a mystery, somehow. If I ever decide to go into the bank robbing business I hope that the same police officers investigating this leak from the First Minister’s office to the Daily Record investigate my bank robberies.

Even after the Daily Record salacious account of the false accusations and the entire Anti-Scottish media corps joining in the jury still found Alex Salmond innocent of all these fabricated charges.

One has to ask why perjury charges have never been brought against some of these accusers, Miss H in particular. She wasn’t even in the building or at the dinner on the night of the alleged incident. We’ll perhaps, when it is the Crown Office and Lord Advocate that decide whether a case is worth prosecuting we shouldn’t be so surprised no action has been taken. Again this court case against Alex was a huge cost to the tax payers and all to sate Nicola Sturgeon’s desperation to get something about #metoo on her CV!

Despite all these courts finding in favour of Alex Salmond and his defence, Sturgeon continues to find him guilty in her dystopian world. A world where men can just call themselves women and women just need to shut up. A world where SNP members can vote off undesirables from the NEC only for Sturgeon to reappoint them to the NEC as affiliates. A world where 50% of the membership leaves to not a single word but half a dozen gender fanatic crybully children leave citing non-existent transphobia and they can get a video appeal to return to Mama Sturgeon and Daddy Bear in the SNP.

Yet through all this nastiness and false accusations Alex Salmond maintains his dignity and his silence. Even now after a campaign where Nicola Sturgeon using the Anti-Scottish MSM and Media continued her attacks he remained resolute. Indeed, he went further, he encouraged voters to support the SNP in the Constituency. I know from this site and my social media accounts he managed to convince many voters who otherwise would have either abstained or destroyed their ballots to instead vote SNP.

If Sturgeon had not promoted the #bothvotessnp an independence super majority would have been a certainty. 90 + SNP/Alba pro-Scottish MSPs. Instead, Sturgeon allowed her fixation on Gender issues and her unfathomable hatred of Alex to obstruct this opportunity for Scotland.

Let people understand that with a two-thirds majority the entire narrative on independence is taken away from Westminster control. No longer does a Section 30 even enter the conversation. The Holyrood Parliament is completely in charge of the entire independence narrative. If Westminster should try any of its imperialist bully boy manoeuvers Holyrood can overnight dissolve itself and call an Independence plebiscite election immediately. An Independence Plebiscite that is totally legal, recognised globally and completely out of Westminster or Supreme Court jurisdiction and control.

In the coming weeks and months The Alba Party and the YES Movement will make their voices heard. The reluctant Sturgeon will now have no choice but to act. Either that or she will be forced to resign. No more can she delay or prevaricate on the subject of Independence. Since her tenure began she has found excuse after excuse to avoid the next step. UK General Elections, Brexit Referendum and negotiations, People’s Marches, Gay Pride Marches, and finally Covid. The pandemic she has used as a shield to prevent any talk or movement on Independence. Only Gender based policies are allowed to advance.

Covid is subsiding, soon, fortunately it will be defeated there is now nowhere else for Nicola to hide. Fortunately, for Scotland there is now Alba and with whatever representation the Scottish people have given them in this election they will pursue our independence every day from here on in.

The day Alex Salmond launched The Alba Party he also unofficially launched the Second Independence Referendum Campaign. Soon the SNP will have no choice but to make it official. Should Ms Sturgeon once again try to delay, avoid or prevent independence, this time she will be swept away.

One last forecast whatever the number of FPTP SNP MSPs emerge today, be assured by May 2026 if there is another Devolved Holyrood Election a great many of those MSPs will by that time have crossed the floor and be wearing the blue of St Andrew rosettes when they seek re-election. More of them than you or Nicola Sturgeon can imagine right now.

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