Response to resignation from the SNP

Further to my recent blog “The End of an Era” detailing my utter disappointment and anger at what the SNP has become under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, I felt I should share the response I received when I resigned from the party:

Dear Iain Ronald McLachlan Cameron

Thank you for letting us know that you wish to leave the SNP.

We’re sorry to see you go. In meantime, please accept my thanks for your contribution to the party.

Peter Murrell

Chief Executive

Scottish National Party

Gordon Lamb House

3 Jackson’s Entry



0131 525 8925

When a member of 55 years standing resigns you would think that they would want to enquire as to the reason.

11 thoughts on “Response to resignation from the SNP

  1. mooritcheviot

    Standard reply that we all got. I think they’re either in total denial about the situation of both the party and the country, or they’ve done some utterly callous calculation.

    Such as relying on Big Pharma for income, the spineless MSPSs for pushing through a police state, the UK govt for giving them an escape route, all of which would render actual party members a needless encumbrance.

    I think the former is more likely, as few individuals would easily detach themselves emotionally from all their friends, values and aims of a lifetime.

    I think they are living in the bunker, not in the real world.

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  2. nallyanders

    Got the standard letter above too.
    Wrote to my MSP & MP saying I’ll never vote SNP again along with an extensive list why.
    The troughers will only take notice if they think they may personally lose out.
    Admittedly this was Pre Election. They’re safely back in their polical bubble again. My plan is to keep emailing a barrage of criticism. Let’s face it, they keep giving us plenty ammunition

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  3. John

    People will always resign from parties when the party changes to a course they do not like , policies change , happened with Labour , is still happening in fact , you go on to a party that best suits your beliefs ,


  4. Molly's Mum

    Same response here – I detailed the reasons why I was leaving with Nicola’s video to the cry-babies being the final straw, got exactly the same response

    He’s not bothered, his pay packet stays the same

    My husband left the party a few days after me – we were both activists, no-one cares that the feet on the ground are leaving

    We have definitely been boiled like frogs

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  5. jancowanrocketmailcom

    I claimed I couldn’t afford to remain a member of the SNP but that statement was either lost or ignored – I received the same reply as everyone else. Perhaps they DO need a standard response due to the vast number of disaffected SNP members leaving in droves.

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