Sturgeon must go

During my entire life there has only been one period of 7 years during which policies have been implemented and legislation passed which benefited the people of Scotland. That was from 2007 to 2014 when Alex Salmond was First Minister.

Never before and never since.

Nicola Sturgeon has undermined the very fabric of Scottish society. She has brought the Scottish Justice System into disrepute and she has destroyed the reputation that Scotland has for so long been renowned for upholding the values of justice and fairness.

She has divided Scotland by the policies she has implemented and by her actions in a way that the unionists were never able to do.

She has brought the office of Scotland’s First Minister into disrepute.

She has to go before Scotland is completely decimated and taken into total servitude under the union.

I have not mentioned independence because the foregoing proves that she is not remotely interested in delivering it.

It is all about retaining power and self-glorification.

It is time for the Yes movement to unite and fight back.

4 thoughts on “Sturgeon must go

  1. 100%Yes

    I have been echoing my opinion on The National that I no longer subscribe to about Sturgeon lack of interest in anything to do with Scotland sovereignty and her poor leadership for years on this very subject both my wife and I are on solid ground. I used to respect Mike Russell but I’ve come to realize he’s nothing more that a foot solder for the Murrell family he spent years as Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, Europe and External Affairs since 2020 he like the rest of the Murrell mob of close friends have done nothing for Scotland cause in the last 7yrs, I personally wouldn’t stop at Mrs Murrell. I have made up my mind a long time ago that I will never ever use my vote to send another Scottish MP to Westminster, the days for me sending my MP to Westminster in the interest of looking after my interest isn’t in the interest of Scotland. Who would have fought after 2014 it would be the SNP stopping democracy for the Scots and the fight for Scottish Independence isn’t just south of the border its now north of the border as well. My utter disbelieve that not one Alba Party MSP was elected was heart breaking.

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  2. rew1008

    I want Independence but I do not want the current Scottish Government having anything to do with it. An Independent Scotland with Nicola Sturgeon and her government members still running the country is unacceptable. We have serious problems in Scotland, few of which are being dealt with and Independence is low on the list. It needs someone to break rank and speak up about what is actually going on and has gone on, before there is an end to the policies that are dividing the country.

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