Not genetically programmed to make political decisions

It is hard to believe that there are so many people who still blindly follow Nicola Sturgeon.

It is not that they don’t want Scotland to be independent but they genuinely believe everything that Sturgeon says and fervently defend her. When she states that now is not the time for indyref2, they admonish everyone to have patience as “oor Nicola knows best”.

When Sturgeon launches a bitter attack on Alex Salmond the flock embellish the message and launch their own vitriolic attacks on Alex and on anyone who defends or supports him. They then blame Alba party supporters for creating division in the Yes movement.

They refuse to acknowledge facts or question anything, even when it is pointed out that Sturgeon has failed to act on seven mandates and has not taken Scotland any closer to independence than we were in 2014.

Why is it that these people are unable to see what is happening?

I have a theory about it. Make of this what you will.

Does anyone remember the gaffe made by labour’s Scottish branch manager, Johann Lamont in 2014? She stated that “Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions.”

I would suggest that this wasn’t a gaffe and Johann was quite correct in what she said. Remember that Johann’s terms of reference were very narrow – in fact she was limited to the confines of the Labour Party. Therefore her statement really should have been “Labour supporters in Scotland are not genetically programmed to make political decisions”.

Now we know that to be true. It was often correctly stated that if you put a chimpanzee in a suit with a red rosette, labour supporters would vote for it.

Over the years labour supporters were conditioned to accept anything that the party said or did without question.

Then in 2014, after the referendum, the “great migration” occurred which saw many of these labour people moving over to the SNP, bringing with them all their learned behaviours.

Therefore when they were told that Nicola Sturgeon was the saviour who would lead them to the promised land, they enthusiastically believed every word without the slightest hesitation.

They were like religious converts who become more fervent than those who have followed a religion all their lives.

There was always going to be a problem with membership growing from around 20,000 to 120,000 within a matter of weeks, particularly as they tore up the rule book with regard to assimilation of new members into branches. The dynamics and balance within branches was altered. Many branches were effectively being manipulated by those newcomers who would endeavour to explain the way business should be conducted (presumably from their experience in the Labour Party or trade unions). Older party stalwarts were being marginalised.

This should never have happened this way. These people should have been consolidated into the Yes movement not used to satisfy Nicola Sturgeon’s megalomania.

The rule book was well and truly shredded a few months later when they rushed through vetting for stand as candidates in the 2015 General Election people who had newly joined the party. Hitherto the rule had been that before anyone could apply to stand as a candidate, they should have been a member of the party for at least 12 months.

This allowed them to parachute in a number of celebrities and carpetbaggers who did not have any previous connection to the SNP and in some cases, no previous connection with the Yes movement. John Nicholson springs immediately to mind. He was living in London with his partner, working for the BBC. He was invited to go up to Glasgow to compère the circus that was Nicola Sturgeon’s coronation. He would tell a few jokes, introduce the musicians and usher celebrities on an off the stage, all the while working the clap-o-meter. He was then invited to become an SNP candidate for the 2015 Westminster Election. He won the seat (along with 55 other SNP candidates) out of a total of 59 seats. It couldn’t have worked out better – a new highly paid job and he wouldn’t even have to relocate from London. On top of that he wouldn’t even have to enter into discussions about independence as Nicola Sturgeon had made it clear that a vote for the SNP was not a vote for independence.

Many long-standing SNP activists were dismissed at vetting, myself included. I suspect that a major factor in my case was that I made it clear that independence would always come before party loyalty. Before anyone accuses me of harbouring bitterness towards the SNP due to failing vetting, let me state categorically that I have never harboured any bitterness towards the SNP, only to those who currently mismanage the party. In any case, there were those more worthy to be selected as candidates than me who failed vetting – Craig Murray for one.

One thing that this vetting process did was to confirm that my previous concerns for the way the party was going were well founded.

I did in fact have reservations about how the vetting process was conducted. That was why I decided to appeal on the grounds that I believed the assessment panel’s decision was “procedurally unfair”.

I have attached a copy of my appeal document along with copies of the invitation to vetting letter and decision letter.

The appeal was in three parts and is fairly self explanatory. However, perhaps one of the most significant points was that there were five events scheduled on the agenda and only certain people participated in all five. I was only given the opportunity to participate in three. It was as if it had been predetermined.

I attended the appeal hearing panel which composed of Ian Hudghton and Colin Beattie. Colin sat like a garden gnome and didn’t say a word. I presented my appeal to Ian Hudghton, who glanced at it and threw it back across the table at me stating “rubbish – we don’t have to justify our decisions.”

So I left.

Whether the decision of the vetting panel was correct or not is irrelevant. (I had passed vetting with the SNP in the Past). However it was obvious that the party had now reached a point where transparency and democratic decision processes were no longer being applied.

Incidentally, Hannah Bardell attending the same vetting session as I did. Almost immediately after she entered the room she proceeded to tell everyone that she had gone to work in the north east to help Alex Salmond and she was a really good and close friend of his and she continued to mention this throughout the day in case anyone had forgotten. The impression she was giving was that it was “in the bag”.

It didn’t take very long for her to turn on her “bestie”.

After Alex Salmond was acquitted of all charges by a majority female jury, Bardell through her connection with Rape Crisis Scotland and her girlfriend, Brenna Jessie, she continued to attack him and effectively dismiss the verdict.

She is another SNP MP who has much higher priorities on her list than independence.

There were many other entryists who were pushed through vetting at the expense of long standing SNP members. They all had their own agendas. Some even had a gimmick. The main thing is that they all met with Nicola Sturgeon’s requirements and bought into her plans. They all went down to Westminster to settle in to join those experienced at settling in like comfy slippers Pete Wishart.

I must clarify that at least two SNP MPs should not be included in the foregoing – Joanna Cherry and Angus MacNeil.

As for the majority of the SNP MPs, there is no fight in them, no bottle and no obvious desire for independence. They are spineless. They have put loyalty to a corrupt SNP leadership before the needs and desires of the Scottish people. Why did none of them speak out before the recent Scottish election and state that “both votes SNP” was wrong and would gift seats unionists? The same reason that none of them are prepared to make a principled stand and walk away from a Westminster Parliament that does not serve Scotland – a fat salary, a fat pension at the end of it and a cushy lifestyle.

I may have appeared to digress from the original theme of my blog but my contention is that without the blind, unquestioning support of the cult following (including the MPs) Sturgeon would not have been able to put her plans into action. The flock have enabled and empowered her. They have made her virtually untouchable. They have acted like Sturgeon’s Palace Guard, keeping the Yes movement at bay and unleashing their venom on anyone who dares to criticise the Dear Leader. This has kept the pressure of Sturgeon and allowed her to keep dangling carrots without the slightest intention of delivering independence or even a referendum. Her main objective is the retention of power and perhaps using it as a stepping stone to even greater things.

Now I do concede that not all that came from labour to support the SNP in 2014 can be categorised as above. I know this to be a fact. Also, not all members of the cult following are ex-labour party. Some are long term SNP members. I also know this to be a fact.

However, I believe my theory stands for the majority of the sheep and I’m sticking to it.

One glimmer of hope (if my theory is correct) is that these people eventually woke up from their slumbers when they realised what the labour party had become. Hopefully they will wake up before it is too late and see what the SNP has become under Sturgeon.

3 thoughts on “Not genetically programmed to make political decisions

  1. grumpyscottishman

    I left the party in 2015 as like you saw the writing on the wall under Sturgeon. I tried to keep my faith in her but by 2017 I pretty much had decided she was the wrong person to lead the party or the country. I was still voting SNP (with nose held) until May this year when I could not vote for them no matter what Alex Salmond was saying, I actually thought he was wrong, not just after what he had been through but the obvious hate Sturgeon had for Alba and not just Salmond. The party pretend to be a social left party, but like Labour of old, they throw a few crumbs to the poor but are really a progressive party not unlike the Tories in so many ways now. The record of the SNP in Government under Sturgeon in the main areas is very very poor yet not held to account by a media who know the union is safe in her hands and an opposition that just does not exist in Scotland anymore.

    I decided to join the Alba Party in June, the last throw of the dice as I see it now. I am not expecting miracles from Alba but if they can get a foothold then there is a chance that independence is not a fore long dream but something which remains achievable in my life time although that is more questionable by the day. The light at the end of the tunnel possibly is Sturgeons declaration that an independence referendum will be held in this parliament, it won’t be as most of us know but hopefully that will be the final straw for some in the SNP and many in the movement. I suspect that she will hope for an early UK general election to get her off the hook but I also suspect she will be gone before 2026, if not sooner, due to the alleged corruption within the SNP and will take the first high profile appointment she can find. Murrell will be the scape goat if any corruption is actually proven and she will look for her next role while putting someone like Robertson in charge, that will be the death of the party then and they will no longer have enough support to govern on their own, hopefully Alba can find some space by then.

    I have never liked Sturgeon, I thought for a while that she was a decent First Minister, I was wrong. She can communicate but she is a coward, she has played us all while promoting her MeeToo agenda which says more about her and the rumours about her than it does for what is best for the country. When you refuse to debate and consult and use other laws like the Hate Crime Bill to shut down debate you know that it is over now, it is just a matter of time. Sturgeon for me will be judged harshly in the future as the leader who may have destroyed the independence dream.

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  2. Dave Beveridge

    “These people eventually woke up from their slumbers when they realised what the labour party had become.”

    Aye, and what good did it do them? They woke up to a party that was finished as an election-fighting machine. THAT is the fate that awaits the New SNP and that’s why they’re beyond saving. Even if you got rid of The Empress later on this afternoon, who is there to step up? One of the spineless invertebrates that just sat and kept their traps shut these last few years while they tried to get an innocent man sent to jail for the rest of his life?

    We’re in the long game now, like it or not. Gradually the cultists will wake up and jump ship although admitting to yourself that you’ve been duped is a very difficult thing to do.

    Damn the cabal at the top of the New SNP.

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  3. morrison young

    The above are an accurate assessment of where we are, but I will not be content until those who got us here answer for their betrayal with at least their dismissal at the ballot box, and in some cases perhaps a far greater scrutiny of their shenanigans.What that results in remains to be seen, but if we have lost the chance to become independent, I can guess who and what will inevitably apply

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