This is a fantastic post from Iain Lawson and one which I can associate with. Estonia is a beautiful country with wonderful people.

I have only been to Estonia once, for a football friendly in 2004, 27th May to be exact. The significance of this date is that Estonia officially joined the EU on 1st May 2004 so there was still an air of celebration about the place. I had presumed the celebrations had continued from the successful referendum the previous year. I was really impressed with the positive attitude of everyone I met. I also had the privilege to have a meeting with Meelis Atonen, the Estonian Communications Minister along with the late West Lothian Councillor Jim Sibbald.

Christine always believed that I travelled with the Tartan Army for the football and the bevvy (not necessarily in that order). However, I liked to look on my trips as also being a bit of a fact-finding mission and saw myself as a bit of an ambassador for Scotland and Scottish Independence.

I spoke to a great many people there, mostly in Russian, for which I apologised in advance. There was no love lost for their former oppressors. I could not speak Estonian but had a reasonable command of Russian. There was a lot of support amongst the people I spoke to for Scotland becoming an independent country.

HOW I HOPED It was May 1993 when I first set foot on Estonian soil. The country was in turmoil having re established Independence in August 1991 from…


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