Change the biased franchise

I would urge everyone to read this blog by Iain Lawson which is the third paper in the excellent series by Professor Alf Baird.

This should be widely distributed and discussed.
As well as getting involved in and supporting immediate action such as rallies and marches, I believe we have a responsibility to discuss, inform and help develop strategies that are essential to our ability to achieve independence. 
The fact that the SNP have signed up to the franchise that was used in 2014 is clear evidence that they are not committed to achieving independence. This franchise allowed for anyone resident in Scotland (even on short term / temporary basis) to vote in the referendum. The present system is open to extreme abuse.
All Boris Johnson’s bluster about widening the eligibility to cover Scots living in England is just that – bluster. He is quite happy with the arrangements that the SNP have in place as he can make provision for the transfer to Scotland of sufficient numbers to win the vote.Sturgeon will play her part in the charade and that we retain the current system which will be conceded and she will wrongly claim victory.
This franchise must be changed. We must write the rules for eligibility to vote here in Scotland. These eligibility rules must provide for a fair and just voting system the result of which is not skewed by in comers. At present around 50,000 people per year move from England to Scotland. 
We must consider whether the eligibility should be restricted to indigenous Scots living in Scotland or, if we allow those who have immigrated to Scotland to vote, should the eligibility rules state that they should be permanently resident (primary home) in Scotland for a period of e.g. five years prior to the referendum.
We should develop this idea and spread it as widely as possible, encourage feedback then start applying pressure to the Scottish Government.

1 thought on “Change the biased franchise

  1. Max Marnau

    My parents were Hungarian Jews. I happened to be born in England because they fled the Nazis and found sanctuary in London. I have never felt English, have lived in Scotland for a quarter of a century and intend to remain here until I die. How is it just that I should be denied a vote on the future of my adopted country?

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