Extract from Organisation of the Yes Movement

This is an extract from a previous blog of mine published in April 2020. I was proposing that an organisation be set up to unite the Yes movement, win list seats in the Scottish Election and hold the SNP to account in pushing for independence.

“The purpose of this leadership would be to take ownership of the Yes movement, to develop a strategy for independence and to drive things forward at speed and utilising all means deemed necessary.

There would be a determination about this group – full of fire and passion.

This would not be another talking shop.

This group must have real power and authority to speak for and act on behalf of the entire Yes movement, including the SNP.

It  should have proper organisation and be registered as a political party. This would then permit the Yes movement (under a chosen name e.g. the Scottish Independence Party) to field list candidates for the Scottish Election alongside SNP constituency candidates, if indeed the agreed preferred strategy was to fight the election on a mandate for independence.

As mentioned above, we do not require permission from the UK Prime Minister, or anyone else to re-establish our independence. There are a number of different possible routes to independence. I would not be so presumptuous as to attempt to go into any great detail about the options here. There are far greater minds (both legal and tactical) than mine throughout the Yes movement. However, I would reiterate that the Scottish people are sovereign and following on from that, two things we must achieve are:-

  1. A sound knowledge that we are taking the majority of the Scottish people with us.
  2. A reasonable understanding that when we do retake our independence, there will be an almost immediate acceptance of our status by the countries of Europe and by other major countries. Effectively, a country only truly becomes an independent state when it is considered as such by other sovereign nations.”

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